26.10.2020 Matex Transport Blog

Be prepared for BREXIT 2021 - will there be new duties from 1 January 2021?


The United Kingdom has left the European Union and the post-Brexit transition period is ending on December 31st, 2020. There is talk of the "New Beginning of Great Britain", but what does this mean for us citizens and entrepreneurs from EU countries?
January 1st, 2021, will be a date that will surely go down in history not only of Great Britain but of the whole of Europe, if not of the world. United Kingdom leaving the EU, known as Brexit ...


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Brexit has become a reality

28.09.2020 Matex Transport Blog

Year-end forecast  - economic and logistic


We have already begun the second half of 2020. This year certainly won’t be counted as a successful one – with the approaching 4th quarter, the concerns against the second wave of the pandemic are raising. At the beginning of the year 2020, the world’s economy was going through an enormous crisis – lockdown present in many countries has turned our life upside down. Despite common uncertainty and fear against the repeat of such a situation, the productivity of the world’s enterprises is gradually increasing ... 


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31.08  Matex Transport Blog

The mobility package will change transport up to 3,5t forever


The new requirements and several obligations resulting from the mobility package will hit the hardest companies that carry out international road transport with vans(up to 3.5t). See what new obligations will be imposed on carriers ...


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31.07.2020  Matex Transport Blog

Before going on holiday remember a few important things


We are practically the end of July, which means that we are halfway through the summer holidays. Some of us probably are already on vacation, but for many this longed-for time is still ahead of them... We have some tips and tricks for people who have chosen the "travel by themselves" option this year, regardless whether it is to a hotel, a cottage, or camping. It is worth taking care of a few important details so that the summer trip does not end up becoming a summer nightmare. 


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6.07.2020 Matex Transport Blog

The question is not "IF?" but "WHEN?"


History comes full circle. The coronavirus pandemic in the world does not expire, despite the enormous efforts, the hard work of medical services and the strict sanitary discipline imposed in most countries. The extinction of disease outbreaks in some countries / districts gave us some hope, but the pathogen is attacking again . . .


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6.07.2020 Matex Transport Blog



Often in crisis situations, we are aware of the importance of the smooth flow of goods around the world. Humanity needs food, medicine or first need articles. The transport industry is closely monitoring the situation that is currently happening in the international markets. Despite the possibility of performing their work, carriers encountered huge problems ...


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