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XTouch Platform


An innovative application designed with your needs


In order to meet the expectations of our clients and analyze the needs, it was their expectations that were the driving source to create the Xtouch platform. This combination of expectations and the logistical point of view of our partners has led to the creation of an innovative solution that supports them in the daily resolution of logistics assumptions while maintaining continuity in transport.

The application introduces them to the future of road transport management in Europe. In order to have full access to all transport information, Xtouch is a combination of three everyday tools (phone, tablet and PC) where in one transparent application you can control your shipments. In real time, access to key information that saves you time and bring confidence in dedicated transport.

Thanks to you, we create a new perspective on logistics..

Program Basic

By creating new logistics solutions, we adapt our service to your expectations. Basic program is a solution that will introduce you to the partnership zone and business approach to dedicated transport.

Thanks to the Basic program you will be able to control and support your transport organization every day through innovative tools such as the Xtouch platform. It is for the Basic customers that we have always prepared two cooperation options and access to 120 of our cars throughout Europe.

Program Premium

We guarantee additional advantages of cooperation with the customers of the Premium program. The car, organized a day earlier, is ready to provide you with the daily transport you need.

Because time is the main aspect of our work, creating our real work.

Program ViP

Vip is an unlimited possibilities in the options for your client, the program supports you always available and reserved number of cars only for you. The extended version of the Xtouch application saves even more time when organizing dedicated transport. Thanks to three cooperation options, you can always be sure of a tailored service tailored to your expectations. Accessibility not only to our own fleet of 120 cars, but also to other options available in the VIP program allowing for greater mobility when organizing your transport. The VIP program supports business negotiations and greatly facilitates the expansion of your business.