Update   14.08.2019

Matex Transport once again received the title of "Prudent Company" of the year 2019


The Prudent Company is a title awarded since 2004 only to selected companies that specifically care for prudent and wise business, and through their actions contribute to the improvement of payment morality in the entire industry. Thanks to its attitude, the Prudent Company increases the confidence of business transactions by implementing methods of checking contractors and using tools to prevent loss of financial liquidity.

The title of a Prudent Company is also a guarantee of the credibility, reliability and responsibility of an enterprise that follows the principles of the Code of Good Practice.




Update   06.08.2019

The next action "Paka dla Zwierzaka" ended with a great success ❤️



Thanks to the help of our Friends - employees of Amsterdam Standard and Solara - corporate advertising & design, we have purchased specialist dog and cat food. Thank you for your commitment! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

A visit to the KTOZ Shelter for Homeless Animals in Krakow wasn't easy - the view of pets will certainly be remembered for a long time -

on the other hand, we are even more determined to organize such campaigns more often and on an even larger scale, and thus we encourage everyone to ADOPTION, which is the greatest gift for these animals.

We invite everyone to the next action, details soon!
It is worth doing good, because it returns later to us with the redoubled power ❤️




Update   4.07.2019

By reading these words, our hearts grow and burst with pride ❤


Today we received a special gift from the Anna Dymna Foundation "Mimo Wszystko"

Reading these beautiful words, written by Mrs. Anna Dymna, the tear is in the eye.

Have a look...
"Dear Mrs. Monika
from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the 'Mimo Wszystko' foundation

for help in organizing the 15th edition of the Enchanted Song festival on June 15 and 16 at the Main Market Square in Krakow.
I wish you happiness always and after all.  With love"




Update   18.06.2019


15. Festival of the Enchanted Song

of Anna Dymna's Foundation "Mimo wszystko" at the Cracow Market Square

  Once again, Matex Transport had a great pleasure to support the Foundation from the logistics side, this time transporting all the necessary things to the Main Market Square for the

15th Festival of Enchanted Song organized by the Anna Dymna Foundation.

❤ ❤

  The enormity of emotions, the feeling of unity and the GREAT good that we felt over the weekend in the Krakow market is something so special that it is difficult to describe it in words.
A huge thanks to the Foundation for being able to feel and experience these emotions, and above all for the fact that such activities open our eyes to the world around us and show that it is worth fighting for your dreams


❤ ❤


Update 04.06.2019

The new headquarters in the heart of Cracow!


95 seconds, which illustrates all the hardships and enormous effort that we all suffered during our move to our new office ❤ ❤

95 seconds, which shows that we are a harmonious team ❤ ❤

95 seconds is irrefutable proof that you can move the entire office in one day (and a bit of the night ... :))

These 95 seconds are testimony that Matex Transport now has the best office in the world ❤ ❤ 



95 seconds, which illustrates what we've all been waiting for.

Our new office in the heart of Krakow.

Update 15.05.2019


Another 10th anniversary in Matex!


 It's an amazing feeling and pure pleasure to be able to work with such great people  ❤ ❤

Yesterday we celebrated the next 10th anniversary of our driver and on this occasion we toast to his health❤

All the best dear Adrian,
we are counting on the next decade with you!











Update 07.05.2019


10 years have passed, like one day ...!


It is amazing that we are witnessing another round anniversary of our dear Driver! ❤ ❤

For this occasion, we decided to celebrate this beautiful 10th anniversary with a glass of champagne and a piece of delicioous cake :)

It is a great honor for us that we have the pleasure to work with people like Tadziu ❤

We wish him, above all, health and all the best.

And at least the next decade at Matex Transport :)











Update  19.02.2019

Another action ended with a huge success!


Once again, we visited the Krakow shelter KTOZ gifts for homeless animals.

This time, was handed over a total of 158kg (!) of specialist food   ❤ ❤❤

... and we are not going to stop on this !











Update   20.12.2018

A company with a mission - an article in the Rzeczpospolita about Matex Group


In today's edition of the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, an article about our company was published in connection with obtaining the title of Symbol of Transport and Logistics 2018.

Thank you for this huge distinction.

We feel responsible to represent this title well and the values it brings.


Go to the article

Update   23.11.2018

Symbol of Transport and Logistics 2018 for Matex Transport!


We are proud to announce that the company Matex Transport Monika Sobolewska & Tomasz Sobolewski officially received the title Symbol of Transport and Logistics 2018. Today, the Symbol 2018 gala will take place at which we will receive this special distinction for us.

This award is a recognition of the work of our entire team over many years. We are honored that our efforts that we undertake every day have been appreciated, which translates into even greater motivation to be worth more. We would like to thank every person who participated in building our company - because it is people who create the Matex Transport brand. Big thanks to our drivers who prove their perfectionism by doing the hardest work. We are proud that for many years we have been able to represent values such as trust, support and safety.

Update   06.11.2018

Matex Transport stand at Absolvent Talent Days 

We had the pleasure of participating as an exhibitor at the largest job and apprenticeship fairs in Poland that took place at the ICE Congress Center. Our stand attracted a lot of interest, thank you all for the opportunity to meet and talk in person :)

Update   16.11.2018

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of Daniel's work at Matex Transport!

Today, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of work in Matex, our friend Daniel. On this occasion, we decided to surprise him and celebrate this round anniversary.

Daniel - thank you for your professionalism and commitment throughout all these years.

It is an honor for us that you are with us.



Update  16.10.2018

International Boss Day

We could not be indifferent to such a day! On this occasion we made a small surprise for our Bosses - there was a cake, greetings and champagne.

Mrs. Monica, Mr. Thomas - thank you for all these years together.


Update   31.08.2018

Matex Transport was nominated for the Symbol 2018 award!

Gazeta Rzeczpospolita and Monitor Biznesu published today an article about our company in connection with the nomination of Matex Transport to Symbol 2018.

We highly recommend the article in Rzeczpospolita and Monitor Biznesu.


Click to go to the article