Safe holidays


                We are practically the end of July, which means that we are halfway through the summer holidays. Some of us probably are already on vacation, but for many this longed-for time is still ahead of them. The global situation has been quite unstable for several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been accompanying us in everyday life for many months now. In some cases, the plans of many of us had to be changed drastically either as the result of our own choices out of concerns for our own and our families' safety. In other cases, the reasons for the changes came from external circumstances like travel agencies canceling trips.


                Due to these reasons a large proportion of future holidaymakers decide to take a road trip without leaving their country. It is a time in which, despite some of our fears and reluctance, we are sometimes "forced" to spend our holidays in a place that initially would not even have occurred to us. Mountains, sea, forest, lake ...  The time has come to return to our roots and get to know our own country, our native home anew.

                We have some tips and tricks for people who have chosen the "travel by themselves" option this year, regardless whether it is to a hotel, a cottage, or camping. It is worth taking care of a few important details so that the summer trip does not end up becoming a summer nightmare. When going on vacation by car, unlike by plane or train, we have a certain kind of comfort –a freedom that other means of transport do not provide. You may always stop on the way and visit some beautiful places or (which is probably the greatest advantage for women and families with children) you can take much larger luggage with you. However, you need to prepare properly for such a road trip, so we remind you of a few crucial things that are worth taking care of before the trip.

1.       The technical condition of the car is of essence!

                A pre-holiday inspection of the technical condition of your vehicle is absolutely the first priority for a holiday trip, so it should be on the to-do-list of every responsible car driver. A means of transport in poor condition is not only an invitation for potential inconveniences during the trip but above all a threat to life and health not only to you but also to your family and other traffic.

2.      Don’t leave home without documents

                Checking some time before the planned trip, whether you have all the necessary documents and checking their dates of expiry may turn out to be a good idea.

3.       Appropriate assistance insurance

                When choosing an assistance insurance policy, it is worth paying attention to the scope and types of risks it covers. It is essential because it is supposed to provide specific assistance in unexpected and random situations (like the need for technical, medical, or information assistance).


4.       The route must be well planned

                Each trip should be preceded by setting a specific route and getting acquainted with it. There can be several alternatives - should you wish to go faster on the highway or slower along gravel roads, but admiring the beautiful views of the mountains? Or maybe there is a town on the way that is worth seeing? Today's technology provides the opportunity of turning on a GPS navigation and having a nice gentleman or lady telling us where, after what distance, and when we should turn or where to exit ... However, technology is not perfect, so it sometimes fails. Just in case it is advisable being prepared for any emergency, having a car map in the glove compartment.

5.      Our own and our loved ones safety

                The vehicle is ready, the luggage is packed and the insurance policy is safely hidden in the wallet - so there is nothing else but to head for the road and begin your desired vacation. However, the most important thing to remember is safety. Unfortunately, it often happens that the euphoria that accompanies us during the preparations causes us not finding time to rest before the trip, so we get tires behind the steering wheel. So, it's good advice getting a good night sleep and relaxing before driving down the road. The most important thing is getting there safely, so we recommend frequent stops for a few simple exercises that will stimulate your circulation and improve concentration.



                We wish all those who will go on their vacation unforgettable impressions and moments and some rest from daily life. Each of us deserves to have some rest, slowing down a bit, and just laze around. However, you ought to remember that this does not release you from the obligation of careful thinking and taking matters seriously.

After all our own and our loved ones safety is the most important.